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30 June 2009 @ 08:32 pm
Today proved yet again the mysteries of the bittersweet inner-workings of life and the corporate world. I am shocked at yet again another major change in our company. I am not at all pleased, and I wish with all my heart that QA was moving as well. Maybe we still will...I just feel uneasy and annoyed at the constant stress and discomfort that always seems to transpire. I do not want to lose the rest of the Compliance department...that makes me so sad because I am so proud of all the work we do as a whole and this has been the best department to work for. Blah.


I got my house! It feels so unreal right now. Finally I will be able to have a place that is all mine, and I will be able to start off fresh and not be trapped in icky memories. This house is adorable, and I immediately felt it was right. I just want August 1st to hurry up! Now I have to plunge into packing and getting all of that in order. YAY! :)

Also, after a very stressful month and lots of stifled tears later, my boss praised the hard work that I have been doing for the SRS team...during our big team meeting today she told everyone how hard I have been working and that I have created a very functional and very efficient QA program for that team, and everyone gave me a round of applause...that felt awesome...finally things are working out and all my stress and misery is paying off.

Its so fucking hot! Good God.
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