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03 July 2009 @ 11:42 am
I woke up this morning motivated and excited. I started tackling my disaster of a bedroom. My closet was HORRENDOUS. Clothes, shoes, bed linens, useless papers, random cords and plugs, and the air mattress that Oh Smart One had broke a few years ago. I found a lot of his stuff in the closet, and I tossed some of it and just threw other things in the bags of things I will deal with later. It feels so cleansing and liberating to clean everything out. I am far from done. I still have to get under my bed and grab everything that has piled up under there, and there are the things on the walls and other things in my closet that are important and will be packed in boxes. Ugh, boxes. I went to Costco last night to get the set I had seen a while ago, but of course they didn't carry it anymore and instead carry a very expensive set of moving boxes...fuck that. I probably won't worry about boxes until Sunday. My goal on Sunday is to finish my bedroom and do the dining room/closets. Every weekend I want to take a huge chunk out of the packing. I am so very excited, yet tired already. The cats are going nuts and they know something is up. Tiger found some personal, ahem, items and dragged them out of the closet. LOL This is going to be an interesting experience.
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