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10 July 2009 @ 08:55 pm
starbucks men.  
No, Creepy Starbucks Man (Mike), I don't come by every other night to see you. I am simply satisfying my chronic coffee addiction. That is all. Please stop smirking like you know a secret. Please stop. You make me 100 times happier that I am moving in a few weeks. I broke the news to my freaky 17-year old boyfriend at the other Starbucks. He was pissed. Man down, kid. I am 10 years older than you and I happen to like my men older (mmmm Donnie, mmmm Eric). Please stop. In a few weeks I will be meeting my new Starbucks boyfriend. I always seem to have one. Well, back in CA I had a Starbucks girlfriend. This lady loved when I came in for some reason and took it personal, like it was all about her, and got all accusatory when I stopped "seeing her". No, no, NO. Homey don't play that.

T-minus 2 days until Donald falls in love with me. I am ready to make sexy Wahlberg babies.
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